Grade 11 Biology

SBI3U Exam: June 19th, 9:00 am Rm: 204

Exam Review Sheet
Exam Review Question Package

I will be available in my office (rm 9) during the exam week if you'd like to come in for extra help.

***Remember to sleep well and eat a healthy breakfast before the exam! Good luck :) ***

Tues May 22nd
In Class: Review structures of the leaf lad/ Intro to Kingdom Animalia

***Diversity Unit Test Date: Thurs May 31st***

Fri May 18th
In Class: Cross section of a leaf/ Adaptations to life on land
No homework weekend ... Unless of course you want to start studying for the test!

Wed May 16th
In Class: Review Worksheet Answers/Movie
Homework: Read pp. 96 -102 and write notes on new terms/ Bring in a plant reproductive structure next class.

Mon May 14th
In Class: Intro to Plants
Homework: Complete handout

Thurs May 10th
In Class: The Fungus Among Us
Homework: Complete homework questions on handout/Read article on Penicillin and answer questions attached

Tues May 8th
In Class: Protists
Homework: Complete homework questions on handout

Fri May 4th
In Class: Lab Quiz/Bacteria and Virus Quiz
Homework: Read pp.60-67, do # 1-7

Wed May 2nd
In Class: Observations of cultured bacteria
Homework: Self-Quiz and Review Questions/ Research This 'Protistology'

Bacterial Growth Lab Quiz AND Bacteria and Virus Quiz on Friday May 4th

Mon Apr 30th
In Class: Anthrax and Cholera Vids/Bacterial Growth Lab
Homework: Self Quiz p. 71 # 1-6 and 11-18
Please come in on tues or wed to complete Taxonomy of Bacteria lab if not complete already

Thurs Apr 26th
In Class: Finish Microviewer activity/Superbug in the Supermarket
Homework: 'Research This' p.52. Prokaryotes and Environmental Change/Read Piercing article and answer questions.

Tues Apr 24th
In Class: Taxonomy of Bacteria Microviewer
Homework: p.53 # 3,5,8,9

Fri Apr 20
In Class: Microviewer Activity and note on Eubacteria
Homework: Read article 'Antibiotic Resistance inLivestock' and answer questions/Do 'Research This' in textbook, p. 50

Wed Apr 18th 
In Class: Archeabacteria
Homework: Read pp. 46-53 # 1,2,4-6

Mon Apr 16th
In Class: Viruses
Homework: On bottom of handout

Wed Mar 28th
In Class: Dissection (thoracic cavity)/ Hand out Test Review Sheet (Test Date: Wed April 4th)
Hmwk: Review notes and images to prepare for Dissection Pin Quiz next class (Quiz Date: Mon April 2nd)
Check out this link to go through a virtual dissection to help you prepare for the quiz next class. You are responsible for being able to identify and name the function of all organs and vessels mentioned in the lab.

Mon Mar 26th
In Class: Dissection (abdominal cavity)
Hmwk: Non

Thurs Mar 22nd
In Class: Dissection quiz and Dissection (abdominal cavity)
Hmwk: Complete any homework assigned in during missed classes before march break

Tues Mar 20th
In Class: Using an EKG monitor and sphygmomanometers/Intro to the Dissection
Hmwk: Review dissection package, answer questions and prepare for quiz

Fri Mar 9th
In Class: Hand in circulatory labs/contraction of the heart and the EKG/Work through the rest of the circulatory system handout.
No hmwk (march break)

Wed Mar 7th
In Class: The heart and flow of blood through the circ system/Video on Circulation
Hmwk: Complete Circulation System Investigation; due next class

Mon Mar 5th
In Class: Vessels and Blood/ Circulation system Investigation: Blood and Blood Vessels

Thurs Mar 1st
In Class: Resp Quiz/ Intro to the circulatory system
Homework: Read pp. 482-486/ do 3 1-6

Tues Feb 28th
In Class: Finish song presentations/ Hand back concept maps/ Review for Quiz next class
Respiratory System Quiz on Thurs Mar 1st

Fri Feb 24th
In Class: Digestion Song Presentations/Homework Review
Homework: Study for Respiratory System Quiz on Thurs Mar 1st

Wed Feb 22nd
In Class: Control of breathing rate and new technologies/ Intro to Circulation 
Homework: Questions # 2-4 and 7-10 (on handout with Respiratory activity on front)
                    Digestion Song due Next Class (A copy of lyrics is to be attached to rubric and handed in  
                    prior to presentation in class) Digestion Song Rubric

Thurs Feb 16th In Class: Homework Review/ Respiratory System Activity

Homework: No homework Weekend

Tues Feb 14th
In Class: Review Homework and Respiration Video

Fri Feb 10th
In Class: Alveoli Lab Continued
Homework: Alveoli Lab due Next Class

Wed Feb 8th
In Class: Homework Review/ How to

Monday Feb 6th
In Class: A rap by Miss-A/Intro to Digestion Song Assignment/Respiration
Homework: Read pp. 438-439, Do # 1-4, Reap pp. 440 -442, Research Hiccups!

Thursday Feb 2nd
In Class: Review practice quiz
              Digestive System Quiz
              Reading and questions on digestive disorders (questions due Feb 8th)
Homework: Work on Evolution Concept Map Due Next Class

Tuesday Jan 31st  
In Class: The Intestines
              Inside the Digestive Tract: National Geographics Video
              Practice Quiz
Homework: Complete chart on enzymes and complete practice quiz
               Study for Quiz Next Class

Friday Jan 27th
In Class: Assesory Organs and the Walls of the Intestinal Tract
Homework: Complete Organ Chart

Wednesday Jan 25th
In Class: A Journey Through the Digestive System 
Homework: Complete Organ Chart from teeth --> stomach

Monday January 23rd
In Class: Introduction to concept map (final evaluation for unit)
              See Concept Map Instructions and Rubric. Due Date: Feb 6th
              Introduction to Animal Systems Unit
Homework: Do questions # 1-6 from hand-out on Nutrition.

Thursday January 19th
In Class: Work on any unfinished homework from last class (p. 340 # 1-6)Tuesday January 17th
Homework: Self Quiz (p. 371) # 1-4, 9-11 / Review Questions (p. 372) 1-3, 9,10. 17-20, 31-34

Tuesday January 17th
In Class: Review answers to Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium problems # 1-6
               Speciation Activity and Note
Homework: Read pp. Read textbook pages 337 -340
               Define the terms: Allopatric Speciation and Sympatric Speciation
   Answer questions # 1- 6  on page 340

Friday January 13th
In Class: Random Change Lab Quiz
               Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Law and Practice questions
Homework: Complete Hardy-Weinberg package

Wednesday January 11th
In Class: Investigation: Random Change (Lab)
Homework: Complete questions # 1-14 on hand-out from monday and complete graphs from today's lab. *** Remember to bring graphs to class on friday for Lab Quiz***

Monday January 9th 2012- Happy New Year and Welcome Back!!
In Class: Recap on natural selection and types of selection
               Note on genetic drift, founder effect, bottleneck effect and Hardy-Weinberg
               Genetic drift activity
               Hand back and review Quest
Homework: Questions # 1-14 on hand-out due on friday

Interesting Article from the Globe and Mail related to Genetics Unit! 
Unnatural Selection: Is evolving reproductive technology ushering in a new age of eugenics?

Thursday December 22nd
In Class: Review Answers to 'Dogs Decoded'. Video - 'Why Sex'
Homework: Have a relaxing, rejuvenating and safe winter break!

Tueday December 20th
In Class: Evolution Quest
No Homework

December 16h, 2011
In Class
 Problems and Solutions to the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection
PBS - Dogs Decoded

Study for Quest (next class!)
Quest Review Sheet

December 14h, 2011
In Class

More Evidence of Evolution -Note
Begin PBS - Dogs Decoded

p. 313 # 4-6 and 10

December 12th, 2011
In Class

Note on Mechanisms of change and selection

p. 303 # 1,4-7

December 6th, 2011
In Class

Note on Evidence of Evolution (Biogeography and comparative anatomy)

p.303 # 1,3-7

December 5th, 2011
In Class

Evidence of Evolution Lab Activity
See instructions on how to enroll in our Gizmo Class
Complete Student Exploration (questions are also online in Gizmo Class Page if you can't access them here) - Bring answers to class on monday.

Moth Lab due next class

See instructions on how to enroll in our Gizmo Class
Complete Student Exploration (questions are also online in Gizmo Class Page if you can't access them here) - Bring answers to class on monday.

December 1, 2011
In Class
Homework Review
Melanism/Industrial Revolution Lab

November 23, 2011
In Class
Review Answers to What Darwin Never Knew

Note on Sources of Genetic Variation

'Dinner is Served' Activity on mutation and adaptation.
Answer Questions to 'Dinner is Served'
Read pp. 296-303
Do # 1-4 on p.303
Work on genomics product and promotional material
(Due Nov 29th)
Genomics Project Rubric

November 21, 2011
In Class
Hmwk Review
        - p.287 #1-6
        - Bed Bugs Bite Back article/questions
pp. 288-292
Q # 1-5, 7-9
Work on genomics product and promotional material
(Due Nov 29th)
Genomics Project Rubric